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Established in 1985, Estate Sales Unlimited strives for professionalism and integrity. Below are a few unsolicited comments we received from past clients.

I am so happy that I used Estate Sales Unlimited to assist with the management of my brother’s estate. I opted to have household and other items taken to the auction house rather than hold an on-site sale. The team was very efficient in loading and packing furniture, camping gear, garden decorations and other equipment from the house, garage, garden, and shop. I was impressed with how quickly they sorted through and catalogued a diverse collection of items.

I know that the “sliding-scale” commission resulted in more money coming to the estate account than if I had used another auction company charging an across-the-board commission. Also, Natalie took the time to telephone and let me know how some of the larger items performed at the Friday night auction and of course sent an itemized list with the check as items were sold over several weeks.

I highly recommend Estate Sales Unlimited.

Peg Snyder
June 2016

Dear Robin,

Thank you so much for all you have done to help us! We had a house FULL of things and did not know where to begin. You were very patient with us and always had time for any questions. There were even tears on a couple of occasions and that did not seem to phase you at all.

It’s hard to describe the enormity of the project that this estate represented…my parents collected many things. Friends and family could not imagine how I would be able to clean out this house. You and your staff carefully and patiently sorted and organized and put things into very marketable lots. It took a couple of months worth of Friday auctions to sell everything. The large numbers that attend your auctions really benefited us. After the auctions you mailed us not only substantial checks, but very detailed statements of what was sold and for how much. The amount of money the contents of my parents’ house yielded was a happy surprise.

Even better than the money was the fact that you lifted a burden from us by emptying the house. Now we can easily make repairs and sell or rent the home.

Estate Sales Unlimited was initially recommended to us by our trusted accountant. Now, I unreservedly recommend you to anyone seeking help liquidating an estate.

Laura (Lori) Blaisdell
Tigard, Oregon


Estate Sales Unlimited,

My name is Alan Cattron and I attended your auction this evening for the first time. I grew up in the area (now 50yrs young) and live just a few miles away on West Union Rd. Tonight my wife Belinda and I were returning home from dinner and decided to stop in. We had a great time. After seeing the auction and reviewing your website, I do believe you folks provide a great service in a down home friendly atmosphere. Thank You.

If you remember, I was the guy that you let have the mic and auctioneer for a couple items. It was silly of me to volunteer like that without talking to you first or understanding your system better. It has been many years since I did a little and only a few times at that. But it was fun, and thank you again.

My wife and I have to return next Friday however. I believe it is your daughters son, your grandson (forgive me if I’m wrong) that was helping out in the concession stand. [Acually it was our Niece’s son] He is quite the salesman. But we had just returned from dinner and were too full to eat anymore. I assured him we would come for dinner next week. He asked Mom and she said he could come. He made a point of telling me he would be there. Too cute.

I also briefly read the some of the letters on your website. Often those can be taken with a grain of salt if you don’t have first hand knowledge. But the few minutes I was there tonight, I had occasion to speak with several of your employees/helpers. Each and everyone was pleasant and very helpful to a first- time person. It was not fake and obvious it was just the way you do business. That says a lot.

Just wanted to say Hi to a neighbor and compliment you on a job well done. Thanks.

Alan and Belinda


Estate Sales Unlimited,

I’m so happy with your handling of Mother’s large estate. I’d have never dreamed you could liquidate our items in a one-day onsite auction, when others wanted to hold our sale over a three-day weekend. Every member of your staff was incredibly hard working, responsible and friendly. It was clear the buyers were having fun, and enjoyed your presentation of our items. A perfect example was Mother’s jumbled up coin collection that you presented in logical, affordable lots, so that buyers knew what they were bidding on. They could be sure they weren’t wasting their money; and I was happy because I knew the coins were purchased with knowledge, at fair, market-derived value. You made good on your promise of super-fast payment and included details of every single lot sold… 15 pages worth of small print! I had buyers coming up to me, telling me they follow your auctions regularly, and what nice people you are. I agree! Thank you.

Steve Berliner
Milwaukie, Oregon



Just a quick note to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job you did at our auction. I would have never believed that over 500 people would come to Dufur on a Sunday. Your advertising and website really did the job! It took Pat and I twenty years to put everything in the Hotel, and your crew had it out and gone in a little over six hours. It was a delight to work with your people. They were extremely polite and thoughtful in the way they handled, both the people and the items to be auctioned.

Thanks again,

Howard & Pat Green
Balch Hotel
Dufur, Oregon


Your auctions are my favorite of all that I’ve been to. I look forward to the great selections and the fun way you guys run your show. Even though it’s my job to find goodies for resale, I know that I will have a nice time as well. A pleasure.

Auction attendee



I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in putting together and conducting the estate sale of my parent’s personal property. I was down last Wednesday (5/9) and the house looked wonderful. The floors were cleaner than I have ever seen them! You and your firm do quality work. In my view you’ve raised the bar to new heights as far as customer service is concerned.

Thanx again,

Ron Grant


I know that I am late in thanking you for the professional way you handled the sale at my home and my move here. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

Also, was very please from the sale of the Indian items. Never would have thought the corn husk basket was so valuable.

Again, thank you.

Joann Elliott


Selling the contents of my parent’s home was an overwhelming task until contacting you. Finding an honest, professional service took a huge weight off my shoulders. Our auction was a great success. Sales were good. The home is now empty and clean. Your team handled everything and did an outstanding job. Thank you so very much.

Debi Arestad


Robin Gordon of Estate Sales Unlimited was retained to facilitate the liquidation of Edwin’s Distinctive Furniture. The business had been closed for seven years and the furniture and collectables were disorganized and quite dirty. Robin brought in a very capable and honest crew who worked tirelessly under difficult conditions and intense time constraints. In very short order the store was restored to a respectable state, the property inventoried and cataloged, the auction successfully conducted, and the facilities left spotless.

Robin demonstrated immense integrity and skill in handling a large number of valuable and sentimental personal items, obtaining the highest possible prices, and documenting every aspect of the sale.

I have no reservation in praising the quality of work and recommending Robin and her staff for a job extremely well done.

D. Ben Henzel, Attorney


I have worked with Estate Sales Unlimited since 1985. As a private fiduciary, I had many estates, which needed to be liquidated in a professional and diligent manner. Robin’s work and honesty are unparalleled. Not only did she strive to get the highest dollar for my clients and their families, she was courteous, sensitive and showed great integrity in every aspect of her dealings with me and my client’s families. I highly recommend Estate Sales Unlimited for any size and type of estate liquidation.

Victoria H. Trabosh


These words immediately pop into my mind when I reflect on Robin’s work at my mother’s farm auction in Carlton on Feb. 10th……she was extremely professional, straight forward, very honest, kept her promise of the organization part of the sale and did an outstanding job of cleaning up afterwards. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her work!!


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